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Gesellschaft für Systemintegration mbH

Individual solutions for your production

You have individual tasks for the improvement of your production to increase efficiency, optimize your processes and reduce production costs? We gladly assist you and discuss the options on your machines in a personal coversation. Feel free to make a non-binding appontment.

Machine vision has established over the last 20 years as a special field of applied computer science and has become indispensible in many automation solutions and quality assurance.
The increased performance of hardware components (computer, camera and lighting technology) on more favorable terms, as well as faster and more powerful algorithms contribute to that development and that industrial image processing systems are becoming more interesting to optimize product quality by direct or indirect effect on the production processes while securing a 100% control.

Standardized documentation is a matter of course and can be done either by hard copy and electronically.

The Vistron GmbH has set itself the goal to assist you in automating the production processes and to achieve a "zero-tolerance" quality.
Although many application solutions for machine vision are based on standard components, we usually develop these based on customer requirements and specifically configured because each case and task differs from another.

We pay you a free and non-committal visit and perform a preliminary study of your tasks in order to examine the feasibility and profitability of a solution with a Vistron system.

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