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GMD - Gap Measuring Device

Gap measuring on inline machines

Frequently occurring problems during production


- Unexact machine adjustments cause inaccuracy of gap widths

- Frequent complaints boost costs and decrease customer satisfaction

Solution using the Vistron GMD system


The GMD was developed as one of the first systems in 2002. Up to 2009 more than ten systems have been installed all over the world.

The Gap-Measuring-Device is a system for measurement of gap widths on inline-machines. An industrial PC with touch-screen monitor forms the heart of the system. This industrial PC is integrated in a strong aluminium shell together with the complete control electronics. As it is attached to a turnable restraint system the operating personal can choose a favoured position of the monitor.

An image processing camera  integrated in a protection shell provides the image recording. Special lighting allows the camera to mark out the gap widths.

To ensure fast adjustment in case of an application change, an edgewise movement of

camera and lighting is essential. Therefore camera and lighting are attached to a linear

moving device. In addition, a motor drive can be delivered for automatic regulation,

enabling automatic positioning for each selected task according to the set up of the


The lighting illuminates the objects sideways, while the camera attached upright above the sheet takes a picture of the gap. This picture is used for the analysis of the gap width.

Diagrams give the operating personal a quick review of the values. By changing the

adjustments of the inline-machine the effect can be checked immediately.

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