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3D - Applications

3D Surface control and more

Freaquently occurring problems during production


- imperfect or damaged products cannot be identified by 2d-cameras

- unidentified waste annoyes the customers

- manual quality control boosts manufacturing costs

Solution using 3D image processing applications


With 3d-camera in Multi-Scan mode (Sick Ranger f.e.) you are able to acquire 3d shape, and intensity data such as gray scale, gloss, laser scatter and other important data simultaneously from one single camera. All feature images are captured simultaneously when the object passes the camera in a line scan mode. The images are transferred to your PC via CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet for easy system integration. The speed and performance is extremely high thanks to unique and patented sonsor technology.


This is the solution for any in line inspection task where two-dimensional pictures alone does not solve the problem. You have to see the defect to detect it!


3d-camera-system is the solution for any demanding 3d application in all production lines. It is designed to measure anything from logs in a sawmill to car parts in the automotive Industry.







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