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Vistron GmbH was founded in January 2002 by Mr. Ulrich Vollmer Dipl.-Ing. (FH), who, under the name "Ulrich Vollmer Elektronik", successfully solved various image processing and controlling tasks in different industry branches for years already.


The huge amount of experiences and contacts he gahered as manager of his former company "Ulrich Vollmer Elektronik" as well as the ideal location in the german "Technologie und Gründerzentrum" in Goettingen resulted in an initial success of the Vistron GmbH.


Years of reliability and successful efforts, customer satisfaction and trust lead to the growth of the company which is more anxious and motivated as well as more competent than ever to fulfill the likewise growing demands of quality standards of nowadays production industries.


Our new building structure located in the industrial area northwest of Goettingen with more than 600 square meters and an actual staff of 12 employees give us the opportunity to be prepared for growing demands and to work with all kinds of businesses in a reliable and professional manner.

Contactless Control


Simple key concept:


Observe, compare and find at production speed.

Cameras capture the production process at relevant positions and a special software compares the data with predefined standards. All deviations will be documented and different actions and signals can be defined to trigger alarms, marking- or ejection units for any observed variations.


New technology standards allow highly efficient validation processes.

Contact information:

Vistron GmbH
Anna-Vandenhoeck-Ring 34
37081 Göttingen

Tel.: +49 (0)551 789 59 98
Fax: +49 (0)551 789 96 61


Vistron Iberia S.L.U
C.I.F. B55715593

c/Tarragonès, 5-C

E-43893 Altafulla - Tarragona

tlf. +34-977 65 26 66

móvil +34-699 991 995


Technical Support:

Tel.: +49 (0)551 789 59 97


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